Friday, November 2, 2018


Chers tous, chères toutes !

Notre prochaine pause-café aura lieu le mercredi 7 novembre, 15h30-16h30 ! c'est dans notre salle habituelle - Fisher #1.
Venez nombreux !

French Events Fall 2018

French Film Series: B ienvenue à Marly-Gomont  (2016) 3 : 30-5 : 00 pm, October 10th
French Film Séries:  Le hérisson (2009)  3 :30 -5 :00 pm, November 17th
Fête des morts,  November 1st, 2-5 pm in Rotunda, Unistructure
Afternoon Abroad/ French cuisine,  November 28, 3-4 :30 PM
Night in France,  December 5th, 3 :30- 5 :00pm

French Restaurant in area or Boston : TBD
Voyage Culturel à Québec : TBA

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Modern Languages and Franco-BU present Invited speaker Dr. Jean-Godefroy Bidima

Dr. Jean-Godefroy Bidima, a leading international scholar in
Continental Philosophy, Arts and Literature of the Francophone World, African Philosophies, Juridical Anthropology and Medical Ethics, gave an insightful lecture on the philosophy of art in French –

Situating objects of art at the intersection of multiple relations between religion, economics, materiality, fetishism and spectrality of artistic representations, the philosopher deconstructed art at every level, while revealing complexities in its reception and production. He subsequently links art to utopia to reflect on the following questions: What qualifies as art nowadays?  How does art transform society? What will constitute an object of art in the future?

The event was followed by Q&A in French and English. We all appreciated Dr. Bidima’s erudition, wit and sense of humor!

Modern Languages Award Ceremony 2018: French at Bryant

2018 French Language Awards

Congratulations to Aleah Grady, Kathleen Gonzalez, Victoria Japhet, Eva Ballester and Shruti Kansara!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Québec Trip 2018

Franco BU's biggest event this Spring was our annual trip to Canada. 
We drove eight hours with 11 students and 1 advisor to Québec for the one of a kind Carnaval de Quebec. This festival is unlike any other in the world. The Carnaval de Québec has been celebrated annually since 1955. The most famous attractions of this winter festival are the night-time and daytime parades led by the Bonhomme. This trip was a wonderful opportunity for students to practice their french and learn about French culture.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

An Afternoon Abroad... French Side

                      Une après-midi a l’étranger!

                            An afternoon abroad! 

The following club and organizations, Franco BU, Busco,SEAC,IAA,GCC,IBA,ISO and Hillel programs celebrated an afternoon abroad with the hard work and organization of the Phi Sigma Iota  The International Foreign language Honor Society.
During this 3hour event, students are invited to participate in cultural activities,games, trivia, karaoke, listen to popular songs with singers and group such as Magic System from Ivory Coast with songs like " cherie coco" among others.

 In the French program, students were welcome to try  savory mini french rolls, savory croissants, a variety of French chocolate truffles, and famous French cookies ( from Delacres)
They were asked to write a famous sentence or phrases they knew in french and share it with everyone by writting it up on the white board.
Each student was issued a passport  ( see photo below) and would receive a stamp, sticker or signature from each participating club to acknowledge they fully participated in "an afternoon abroad" events.
Students participation was  high and the Franco BU E-board noticed that the cultural food was going very quickly :)  always a good thing!

       Once again, an afternoon abroad was a great success! 
                    See you next year! a l’année prochaine!